Scenario of unemployment among graduates education essay

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Scenario of unemployment among graduates education essay

A good thesis statement for your paper Education and Unemployment Once upon a time, an education that led to gainful employment could be obtained on the streets, working with a mentor, or from training by a family member.

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The education does not have to always be a traditional four-year school. A trade or two year degree can be desirable and profitable as well. The unemployment rate and pay scales prove that education does effect job placement and pay.

It is important to note that the rate of unemployment goes from 3. It pays to go to college and to graduate. If you are not interested in the academic world, consider a trade degree or a two-year degree.

A hygienist, mechanic, or manicurist certificate can help you obtain a job, but just in a different approach.

Jul 04,  · Training Program Essay; Training Program Essay. Planning education training programs Planning involves, among other things, interaction with people, organizing resources and having in mind the interests of people. It will grant graduates to observe manifold features of both the role and the company as a whole. This figure includes not only matriculates and graduates but even post-graduates and highly qualified engineers. In fact over the years, our unemployment problem has become most intractable. Unemployment in India is of varying kinds and degrees. Weissmann reports that unemployment and underemployment among recent college graduates is at 53% (). This means that the pool of possible employees has swollen allowing employers to be extremely selective in the people they would hire.

Training of some sort is almost mandatory. The numbers show that it is not wise to attempt to go directly into the work force from high school.

While college may be cost prohibitive for some people, the numbers indicating that taking a student loan to go to college is the best route. The loan could be paid off with time. Once the loan is paid off, the education value still continues, and in normal situations the pay scale increases with time.

It is important to the value of the pay scale that a degree or certificate is obtained. The current rate of employment is high and the economic situation is unstable all over the world. People who have attended college and have degrees may be unemployed in these times.

However, the numbers support that those without a degree are more likely to be unemployed or more likely to be under paid in these tough and difficult times.

It is imperative that for salary and employment reasons, a person gets some sort of degree or certification after his or her high school years.

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Unemployment among graduate students Unemployment among graduates is a serious problem in Malaysia. Unemployment describes the state of a worker who is . the Increasing Unemployment Rate Among the Graduates in Malaysia is a Worrying Trend. The past and present scenario of employment and unemployment and their state wise variations are shown in table no This has led to spread higher education among its youth.

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Scenario of unemployment among graduates education essay

Educated unemployment or underemployment is due to a mismatch between the aspirations of graduates and employment opportunities available to them. It was found that two factors are important regarding graduate unemployment or underemployment, namely incidence and duration.

Unemployment on rise in India - Statistics and reasons of unemployment in India shows different types, nature and percentage rate of unemployed women that is more as compared to men.

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